La representación de "Vesania" acompañada de una experiencia gastronómica a cargo de Doña Petrona.

Sala Russafa / Sala Russafa + Doña Petrona = Mental health

Podcast: 16th of February, Vesania: From 22nd to 25th of February, schedule depends on the experience (24th/25th SOLD OUT)

Podcast + Doña Petrona Vesania + Doña Petrona

Podcast + Doña Petrona 22€ / Vesania + Doña Petrona 21€
6 pax. capacity. per day, with prior registration.

If you like podcasts and theater, Sala Russafa and Doña Petrona have plans for you.


On Friday the 16th you will be able to attend the live recording of the podcast ‘No hay negros en el Tibet‘, an original Podium Podcast program that deals with current issues from the particular perspective of people of African descent living in Spain. The show is hosted by broadcaster Frank T, comedian Asaari Bibang and actor Lamine Thior.


This podcast will feature a mix of monologues, reflections, discussions, live music, unexpected situations, and plenty of laughs. It provides a humorous, free, honest, critical, and self-critical approach to the unfamiliar universe of the black community in their home country, Spain.

On the other hand, from February 22nd to 25th you can attend the theatrical production “Vesania”, a show full of emotion, intense and straight to the heart. The action takes place in a dystopian place where four people, ostracized from society because they are considered sick, try to survive. “Vesania” is a necessary theatrical proposal to address the often overlooked and crucial issue of mental health.


To end the night and discuss the experience at Sala Russafa, there is nothing better than a walk to Doña Petrona, a gastronomic space run by Germán Carrizo and Carito Lourenço, where you will taste two of the best Argentine empanadas you have ever tried accompanied by a drink.  


Podcast:  8 pm / Tasting in Dª Petrona: 10.15 pm 

Vesania: from thursday to saturday: 8 pm, sunday: 7 pm / Dª Petrona: from thursday to saturday: 9.45 pm, sunday: 8.45 pm