Disfruta de la obra 'Vesania' y exquisitos sabores en Apotheke, la primera coctelería clandestina de València.

Sala Russafa / Sala Russafa and Apotheke discover the happiness elixir

22nd of February, from 9:45 pm (SOLD OUT)


6 pax. capacity. with prior registration

Are you looking for a well-rounded plan? Start the evening by enjoying the theatrical production “Vesania”, a show full of emotion, intense and straight to the heart. The action takes place in a dystopian place where four people, ostracized from society because they are considered sick, try to survive.  


After this emotional immersion, a truly delightful experience awaits you at Apotheke, the first clandestine cocktail bar in Valencia. In this impressive space inspired by the 1920s, you’ll discover a world of healing flavors: grapefruit, lime, spicy mango, grapefruit bitters, bergamot liqueur, chili liqueur, and artisanal mezcal.