La fusión de joyas emocionales de Ana Bena en el Celler de Proava con maridaje a cargo de Valencia Club Cocina

Celler PROAVA s.XIII / Food and wine thrills with Anabena contemporary jewellery

18th (SOLD OUT) and 25th of February, from 12 pm to 2 pm


30 pax. capacity. with prior registration.

Joy, celebration, connection, introspection, origin, memories.. Life without content? Ideas translated into feelings turned into a jewels accompanied by gastronomic proposals which transcend emotions. Containers void of past experiences ready to feed on visions of the future. A “catch-allwhich shapes and feeds your being. Origen, Obsesión infinita, Bendita tinción y La ciudad bebida a sorbos, these are the key pieces of this work by Anabena which will be paired with delicious wine and food proposals from Chef Lluís Penyafort (Valencia Club Cocina) and oenologist Rosa Vázquez (PROAVA), turning the experience into a unique vital process.