Visita al Museo Visigodo de Pla de Nadal, ubicado en el castillo de Riba-Roja del Túria, con menú degustación por la chef Joan Clement.

Riba-roja de Túria: Tourist Information Office / Discover the Visigoth secret

17th and 24th of February, at 11.30 am


30 pax. capacity. per day, with prior telephone registration. Book the experience by calling (601 988 771).

If there is one thing that characterises Riba-roja de Túria it is its Visigoth sites. Pla de Nadal is known all over Europe for its sculptural and architectural wealth. València la Vella is a walled town dating from the second half of the sixth century and located on the right bank of the river Turia. If you want to know more about the visigoth secret from Riba-roja de Túria, we invite you to a theatrical visit to the Visigoth Museum of Pla de Nadal together with an expert in archaeology and you can enjoy a Visigothic menu in Rebò Restaurant by the chef Lina Marcela García.


The menu is the result of extensive research carried out by chef Joan Clement who investigated the products and culinary techniques of the period and place. This allowed him to create different dishes in line with the Visigoth gastronomic tradition in the settlements along the banks of the Túria, such as Pla de Nadal. The menu features cereals and intense seasonings, roast meat accompanied by green vegetables, tubers and highly spiced fruit. 


The company in charge of the visit is Arca Cultural and Rebò Restaurant.


Registration by telephone: 960 812 948/601 988 771