El Mediterráneo en el arte y la gastronomía

IVAM / The Mediterranean in art and gastronomy

31 ENERO (7pm - 9pm) - 25 JANUARY and 1 FEBRUARY (2pm - 5pm)


Capacity of 100 persons a day with prior registration.

Sharing a table with the biggest names in modern and contemporary art is the gastro-cultural experience proposed by IVAM (Valencian Institute of Modern Art). The proposal is linked to the Mediterranean sea, both for the local produce with which Jose Luis Mascaraque (chef at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid for over 11 years) masterfully shapes two gastronomic delights based on sequences of Mediterranean titbits, and for its offer in exhibitions and activitiesrepresented by the works of artists of international prestige such as Jean Dubuffet, Miquel Navarro or the not so Mediterranean but clearly fundamental in the history of art, such as Rosenquist, Richard Hamilton, Robert Rauschenberg, Tony Cragg, Yves Klein, Martha Rosler, Carmen Calvo or Gillian Wearing, not to mention Julio González, considered, together with Giacometti, the master of iron.

A series of activities will take place on the days included in this exclusive offer, and will be held in the Hall on the 2nd floor. You can get more information at the ticket office on your arrival at the museum.


NB: out of respect and care for the works on show, you are not allowed to take food and drink into the galleries.


Art-cook menu


You can choose between two menu options.

Menú 1:

Strips of salmon marinated with soya and fermented mushrooms.

Cuttlefish salad and black caviar aioli.

Roast chicken cannelloni with green curry and mango chutney.

Dessert: natural lemon cream with muscatel juice.

Coffee and bread roll service.

Menú 2:

Smoked salmon, with avocado and pico de gallo sauce.

Pickled Valencian bean hummus and pani puri.

Citrus coated rib and pak-choi.

Dessert: red fruits and white chocolate.

Coffee and bread roll service.


Free tour of exhibitions –no food or drink allowed in the galleries-, with the chance to enjoy the following activities at the weekend.

  • 25 January: Brut Art sessions.
  • 31 January: Tour of the exhibition «Dibujos de Miquel Navarro» by the subdirector of IVAM’s Exhibitions and Collection


The activities can be booked when reserving the gastronomical offer. No food or drink is allowed in the galleries.