Berklee/ Música y mocktails

Berklee / Music and mocktails

30 JANUARY (6 pm – 8 pm)


Capacity of 30 people with prior registration.

The Valencia campus is the only one that Berklee College of Music has outside the United States A revolutionary educational offer brings together artistic and musical styles that transport you to different parts of the world. A place ready to innovate and surprise with this refreshing proposition. Because, what awaits you is a tour of its facilities and a mocktail workshop; the new trend for enjoying alcohol-free unique flavours. In a musically unique setting. And with the help of Més que Barmans, you are given the chance to test your skill with a cocktail shaker and let the music be your inspiration for your own mocktail. Are you up for it?


This activity is not linked to Berklee Valencia but rather to the culinary activity included in the offer.