Recorrido por las galerías Jorge López, Rosa Santos y Set Espai d'Art, con la propuesta gastronómica del restaurante peruano – valenciano Orson.

Set Espai d’Art, Rosa Santos, Jorge López / Tres Caminos: Fusing roots, trends and contemporary flavours

19th of February, from 8 pm to 10 pm (SOLD OUT)


38€, with drinks
20 pax. capacity. with prior registration in

At 8 pm, the experience starts in Jorge López Galería, continues in the Rosa Santos and terminates in the Set Espai d’Art gallery. 


The proposal involves a guided tour through 3 galleries, in which its artistic proposal is translated by the chefs from the Peruvian-Valencian restaurant Orson(Melissa Kouman and Santiago Guerrero) by generating dishes that mix cultural influences in an innovative fashion, often challenging traditional cooking categories, and expressly designed for each exhibition and space, harmonized by means of cocktails and drinks designed in relation to concepts discussed in the artistic proposals. Art and food generate an experience, a medium for exploring and celebrating diversity, a social link through the intersection of different exhibition proposals, linking the narrative of the exhibition and gastronomic pairing. 


For the Javier Bravo de Rueda exhibition proposal in the Jorge López Galería, we are going to use the following as conceptual ingredients: time, conservation and chance. To this end, we have two preparations. In the first place, we shall offer a “Peruvian marinade with bonito and Peruvian red pepper”. The marinade is an ancient culinary technique to extend the shelf life of foodstuffs Then, we will be serving the second preparation, entitled: “The Tamale of chance” where we intend to mimic Javier Bravo’s work made up of tiles baked with the passage of time and holding chance within.  


The proposal for Greta Alfaro in the Rosa Santos gallery is: “Manchego Gazpacho with Peking Duck”. 


Dessert will be served in the Olga de Diego exhibition at Set Espai d’Art gallery. We propose a “Pionono of lucuma and Peruvian cocoa”. We will be delving into the field of gender and feminism. The lucuma was a fruit that symbolized female fertility due to its breast shape. The phallic shape of the pionono allows for different games where the diner/spectator can interact. 


To accompany, we will be serving a bitter orange spritz Carmeleta and a white Bobal from Vicente Gandía. 


At 8 pm, the experience starts in Jorge López Galería, continues in the Rosa Santos and terminates in the Set Espai d’Art gallery.