Visita privada al Museo Nacional de Cerámica con un coloquio, acompañado de una selección de dulces locales.

María Teresa Ricart, Carolina Soler and Mónica Sales

Museo Nacional de Cerámica / Edible patrimony. A history of sweets and pastries

19th of February, from 6 pm to 8 pm (SOLD OUT)


Free admission.
25 pax. capacity. with prior registration (bookings will take place from the 8th to the 15th of February)

The aim of the “Edible patrimony. A history of sweets and pastries” experience is to use your palate to go through history and the origins of the popular sweets of the Region of Valencia with the aid of a selection from its confectioners.  


Curated by designer and historian Andrea Santamarina, the event will be held in the courtyard of the National Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts Museum. The celebration consists in a private visit to the museum, focusing on ceramic objects for the table, and followed by a discussion which will be accompanied by a selection of local sweets. Both attendants and organizers sit at one table to share this celebration in solidarity.  


The event also includes a dialogue between its curator and a series of confectioners and experts in different fields, who value not only the preservation of ancestral knowledge but also the ingredients of this set of historical recipes, while analysing their link to the territory and to the tableware. These objects help reveal eating habits and customs. María Teresa Ricart (Trufas Martínez), Carolina Soler (Healthy Cakes), Mónica Sales Sánchez (La Rosa de Jericó) and Ana Tevisan (Ceramist/Basketwork Ceramics) will participate in the dialogue.


The aim is to reclaim the importance of food as culture (in terms of its production, preparation, presentation and representation) and a reflection of all those anonymous women who help preserve our popular recipes and our rich gastronomic and pottery heritage day after day.