Visita al jardín de Bombas Gens con aperitivo diseñado por Ricard Camarena

Bombas Gens / Tour of Bombas Gens Garden with an appetizer designed by Ricard Camarena

4th and 11th of February, from 12 to 2 pm (SOLD OUT)


30 pax capacity per day, with prior registration

Enjoy a guided tour through Bombas Gens Garden with its landscape architect Gustavo Marina. What was formerly the factory’s backyard has been turned into a secluded space inheriting the Modernist tradition to create a lush and colourful garden, with over 100 different species. 

After the tour, you will have the opportunity to taste three vermouths, from Vermouths VITTORE, and you will also be able to know most recommended pairings and the secrets of their elaboration. All this will be accompanied by a tasting of an appetizer designed by Ricard Camarena for the occasion.