sala russafa teatro butacas escenario doña petrona empanadas

Sala Russafa/ Theatre and Gastronomy

7 and 8 April (8pm) (TICKETS AVAILABLE), 9 and 10 April (SOLD OUT)


40€ for 2 persons (two entrance tickets, 26€, + snack ,14€ )
Capacity for 6 persons a day, with prior registration.

Sala Russafa presents The City of Frost, a work of art by the Crit company. It is a show based on Carmen Martín Gaite’s work Entre visillos. Enjoy a fun and moving show of today for today.​

What’s more, you will be offered a tasty pick me up at the end. Together with your companion, savour a total of  four pasties (to choose) and two beers, for 14€, by Doña Petrona herself.​