IVAM y cafetería IVAM Mas

©Miguel Lorenzo-IVAM

IVAM / Make a tour of “Ana Penyas & Alba Herrero. En una casa.”in the IVAM and enjoy a gastronomic experience in IVAM Mascaraque 

3rd, 10th and 11th of February, visit at 1 pm and gastronomic experience at 1.45 pm


25 pax capacity per day, with prior registration.

The IVAM and the IVAM Mascaraque cafeteria have joined forces in this Project offering a gastro-cultural proposal for visitors. The IVAM proposes a visit to “En una casa. Genealogía del trabajo del hogar y los cuidados”, a project by anthropologist and social researcher Alba Herrero and the artist and illustrator Ana Penyas, National Comic Award 2018, which addresses the social organization of caring for others, recent changes and the current situation of work in the home.   

The exhibition covers three interlocking work processes, the result of the same research: the graphic work by Ana Penyas, the choral story resulting from research and the collectively designed “Derechos y dignidad” fanzine and “Trabajadoras del hogar y los cuidados”, drawn up by a group of 14 workers in the sector within the project’s framework.   

Relating to the theme, “En una casa” the gastronomic proposal is a tasting menu, based on how the city of València is seen through its comic. Simple dishes, revealing a certain irony.