Thema Gallery / Preamble and wine tasting
Artist Rafael Amorós will be waiting for you, next to the owner of the Thelma Gallery. “Preamble” is an open dialogue between sculptor Rafael Amorós, the gallery owner and the public in which the preparatory work for the art exhibition is unveiled. After enjoying the exhibition, you are sure to want to chat with him and the rest of those attending while enjoying a glass of Valencian wine carefully selected by Proava
Set Espai d’Art / Exhibition of photography and works of sculpture and wine tasting
What awaits you in the exhibition curated by Rosa Ulpiano is a dialogue of the photos of Leo Matiz, the only Latin American photographer considered to be among the ten most important in the twentieth century, with the sculptural works of Swiss artist Luka Ulmi. In addition, an audio-visual screening about Leo Matiz and a conversation between the exhibition curator and artist Lukas Ulmi will give rise to much debate during the subsequent session where wines from the Valencian region selected by Proava will be tasted.
Shiras Gallery / Rafael Armengol Exhibition and wine tasting
Shiras Gallery invites you to get to know the latest work of renowned Valencian artist and member of the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts of Saint Charles Rafael Armengol. An exhibition that will be presented in a space other than a museum, with the aim of getting to know the artist, his work methods and the work itself. He will be joined by artists Horacio Silva and Juan Olivares, who too will help us discover the artistic world through their experience and work. To conclude, you will be offered some cavas and wines from the Chozas Carrascal winery. Representatives of the winery will provide a description of their work as it is one of the most important wineries in the Valencian Community.
Rosa Santos Gallery / Contemporary art and wine tasting
At this event, run by gallery owner Rosa Santos and artist Enrique Zabala, you are given the opportunity to learn about the role of galleries as promoters of cultural heritage. You likewise gain access to the exhibition “Fourteenth station”, by artist Greta Alfaro, and to the showroom, where they will explain the trends in contemporary art and new languages and artists. In addition, you will enjoy a tasting of Valencian wines carefully selected by Proava.
Luis Adelantado Gallery / Evening of art and wine
At the Luis Adelantado Gallery you will be given a guided tour of the three recently opened exhibitions, where you can get to know Marius Engh’s art and his latest interpretation of daily objects, Camila Oliveira’s complete, abstract pop art and the fragility of the materials used in the creations by Rubén Riera as a metaphor of the present time. Together with the visit, there will be a tasting of wines from the Valencian Community, all of which have been carefully selected by Proava.