Visita comentada en CaixaForum y menú científico especialmente pensado para la exposición “Colores del mundo".

CaixaForum / “Colours of the world” guided visit and themed menu

17th,18th, 24th and 25th of February, at 1 pm (SOLD OUT)


20 pax. capacity. per day, with prior registration.

Visit the exhibition “The colours of the world” and enjoy a scientific menu in our restaurant! Nature, cities, the sky… the diversity of the colours of the world is huge and only great photographers, like those from National Geographic, have managed to capture their essence. This guided visit, led by our educational staff, present the exhibition’s key themes and, through dialogue with the participants, help contextualize them while dealing with any possible doubts that arise. At the end of the tour, enjoy a gastronomic experience in our restaurant, with a tasting menu specially designed for this exhibition. 


1 pm – guided visit to the Colours of the world exhibition and, at 2 pm, the tasting menu by Novaterra.